i may not always love you (coco_belle) wrote in areyousuperbad,
i may not always love you

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Mood theme?

has anyone seen/made a Superbad mood theme?

Any help would be much appreciated!

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i wish there was one! id love one! Lol
does anyone know if there is an animated userpic out there with Michael C's lil dance from the opening credits, I can only find still ones like this one - I would LOVE an ani of the dance (its already my screensaver lol)
If I can find pictures, I'd be willing to make one.
that would be amazing!
i'm going to hunt for screencaps right now!

these any good? think they're decent quality x
I think they're an awesome find sweetheart. Great even. I'm going to start on it, might take me a couple weeks or so if you don't mind waiting.

Do you prefer borders or no borders? Any preferable size to be used?
that's fine, take as long as you need, i', grateful for any input!
no borders but if a border looked cute then that would be fine! up to you!